CCITE provides comprehensive services for the operation and management of government and commercial entities. CCITE offer the ability to reclaim the hours spent on administrative tasks so organizations will have more time to focus on its core business.

  • Administrative/Clerical Support
  • Accounting Support
  • Medical Administrative Support
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance personnel
  • Resource/Budgeting Services
  • Subject Matter Specialist
  • Supply and Logistics
  • Temporary/Term personnel

Sourcing your organization's administration to CCITE enables you to:

  • increase your organization's efficiency and productivity,
  • reduce or eliminate your need to hire, train, manage and terminate employees,
  • utilize key employees for more advanced revenue generating responsibilities,
  • present a polished, professional image to your clients,
  • maintain quality, consistency, accuracy and confidentiality, and
  • eliminate or minimize your costs for payroll, insurance, and employee benefit.